Inspired by five of David Attenborough’s most popular TV series, eShores have created the ultimate wildlife-lover’s holiday. Using locations from both series from Planet Earth and Blue Planet, plus the single series of Frozen Planet, they’ve retraced as many of Attenborough’s steps as possible to create the travel adventure of a lifetime.

To emulate the feats of Attenborough and his team from each episode of the five series, you’d have to embark on 175 flights across the world over at least 1034 days, along with several car journeys and a train journey across Siberian Russia.

Totalling £402,220 and lasting at almost 3 years (1034 days), the complete journey also includes several excursions to re-enact the adventures in the series as closely as possible. Included is a trip to Mount Everest from episode one of Planet Earth and an eight-day dogsledding expedition in Greenland, as seen in episode one of Frozen Planet.

If you can’t stretch to £402,220 for a vacation, you probably need our 7 best travel secrets.

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