Death Of Puppy In Overhead Bin: Has United Airlines Stopped Caring?


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United Airlines has a patchy history when it comes to passenger and animal welfare but the latest accident is hard to forgive. A United staff member forced a passenger to place their bag, containing a puppy, in the overhead bin of a domestic flight last week. On landing, the passenger retrieved their bag only to find their puppy was dead.

Reports suggest that the dog in question was a pug (similar to that pictured above), a dog breed known for the love and devotion they give to their owners, but also a breed that is susceptible to suffocation.

This follows an already poor record of animal death rates while flying with them and let’s not forget the treatment of the passenger who was violently dragged off a United plane.

It begs the question, does United care about the welfare of animals and passengers flying on its airline?

Their recently introduced United Polaris Business Class really is a triumph and suggests that yes, they do care, at least about their premium passengers. United Polaris is, in fact, better than Emirates, British Airways in Business Class along with a number of other airlines. The new Polaris Airport lounges are also excellent plus the airline has launched a new United Premium Economy too, so the picture is not all bad.

That said, if I had a dog that was traveling with me, or was traveling in coach and wanted good treatment, after these incidents, United might not be my first choice…

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