Better Than An Upgrade; This Robot WILL Find You The Cheapest Seat On The Plane!


We all want the cheapest airfares for our flights, whatever class we book. However, once you have booked your ticket, even if the ticket becomes cheaper at a later date, it is unlikely that you will be searching for the cheaper fare at the very moment it appears, and before it disappears again.

You could be missing out on significant post-booking savings. What if your ticket goes on sale? What if, as you get closer to departure, cheaper fares open up? The chances are you won’t even know about these discounts and certainly will not be in the position to take advantage of them.

Solution For Scoring Cheaper Seats After You Book

Now there is a solution. Robot lawyer website DoNotPay (known for getting thousands of people out of parking tickets), claims to be the first-ever service to reduce the price of your flight after you have booked.

DoNotPay finds travel confirmations from past bookings in your inbox. If the price drops, their robot lawyer will find a legal loophole to negotiate a cheaper price or rebook you. Best of all, the service is free, at least for now.

“Imagine sitting down for your flight and knowing that the person sitting to your left paid half as much as you,” Joshua Browder from DoNotPay. “Unfortunately, airlines have been exploiting people by charging different prices to different people. My product allows you to get money back automatically when the price of your ticket drops, making sure you to get the cheapest seat on the plane for your fare class.”

My Thoughts

I may be old-fashioned, but I always have trust issues with new services when I come across them. I don’t feel comfortable letting a robot or spider search about in my inbox with access to all my personal emails. If I were to use this service I would ensure my flight bookings were all sent to a separate email address which only held my travel bookings.

I am also aware that, much of the time, flight prices go up rather than down, so there is no guarantee this robot will save you any money at all. Also, being a US-based service, I could not fully test it before featuring it, which always makes me nervous.

That said, if you have a specific inbox for travel bookings only, what have you got to lose?

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