Upgrade Your Flight To Business Class Free: What Works (& What Doesn’t)


Everyone wants to fly in Business rather than Coach. I don’t know anyone who prefers to be squished like a sardine into a Coach seat. But I also don’t know many people with the budget to pay for Business Class on a regular basis.

Most friends will book one or two paid Business Class flights per anum and spend the rest of their time flying at the back of the bus!

There have been a number of articles written about how to get a free Business Class upgrade but the truth is that these upgrades are rarer than unicorns poo. Even worse, they are prioritized to those that travel in Business Class extremely regularly, which is never going to be your average leisure traveler. For your regular traveler, upgrades, like Hurricanes in Hertfordshire, hardly ever happen.

Will Dressing Up And Schmoozing Airline Staff Get Me An Upgrade?

Nope. You would do better traveling in cheap tracksuit pants and spending the money on paying for an upgrade.

How about getting to the airport late or early?

I’ve tried both and neither has worked for me OR anyone I know.

How about if a seat is broken?

Yes, IF your seat is broken and IF the only seat that is not broken on that flight is in Business, you should be upgraded. Of course, the likelihood of your seat being broken, and your flight being fully booked in Economy but not in Business Class.. I’d love to know the odds!

What If I Am Happy To Pay For A Business Class Flight But Want A Discount?

If you want to book any premium flights or (luxury hotels), drop our Travel Concierge a line for free room upgrades, breakfasts, credit, and more. We are almost always cheaper for Premium Economy, Business & First Class flights.

Another suggestion is to hang out for sales. My three favourite websites for keeping up with the latest flight offers and deals are:

  • HeadforPoints (UK only mainly British Airways Avios offers)
  • ViewFromTheWing (US based with offers across the US)
  • GodSaveThePoints (US based with offers across the US)
  • Sign up for their newsletters and you will be kept up to date with the latest flight sales in your region. It is also worth signing up to our own Luxury Travel Diary newsletter at the base of our pages

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