Shocking Video Of Bed Bugs In Luxury Hotel

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Following on from our horrific article about bed bugs in British Airways Business Class, I thought it worth mentioning that it is not only flights that have been found to be infested.

If you are staying at a luxury hotel, very rarely, you may find bed bugs in the bed, like this woman did in 2017:

She was unsatisfied by the reaction of the hotel and filed a lawsuit against the hotel in Miami.

How Do I Know If There Are Bed Bugs In My Bed

They smell like rotting berries, so have a sniff of the air. They leave black spots of faeces on the sheets. You may even be able to see them crawling across the bed if the infestation is significant.

Of course, if you sleep in the bed overnight and notice the problem in the morning, you will also suffer from bites on your body.

What should I Do If I Find Bed Bugs

Number one priority is to document your finding with your phone, either by video or with photos. Then ask the hotel to fix the situation. You should at the very least be moved and upgraded to a better room. You may also be able to negotiate extras (nights meals etc) depending on how the management deals with the situation.

if you are not satisfied with the outcome you could name and shame the hotel by contacting a travel blogger and asking them to publish your video and photos. As I outlined above, the woman who took this video took out a lawsuit against the hotel. One family initiated a lawsuit that earned them a record-breaking $500,000 in the largest bed bug payout in history.

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