I get so worried about losing my luggage, that I carry all my expensive shoes and jewellery in my hand luggage. This doesn’t get around the fact that you still have to part with your precious belongings when you go through security, where they whizz through the x-ray machine often faster than you make it through the security and “pat-down” process.

One Chinese woman came up with a rather extreme solution last week at the Dongguan Railway Station in Guangdong Province, according to Gary from View Frome The Wing. She decided to go through the x-ray machine herself along with her bags.

“According to photos obtained by AsiaWire, this woman CLIMBED INTO THE MACHINE because she thought those crafty security employees were going to steal her bag.”

This is not the first time this has happened. Amazingly, a man got confused a few years ago and thought he was meant to climb into the machine!

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