Emergency! United Engine Falls Apart While Flying To Hawaii


13th February was not the lucky day for the United engine on this Boeing 777-200 (pictured above). The United flight in question was flying from San Francisco to Honolulu and declared an emergency around half an hour before landing because some crucial bits seem to have fallen off this particular engine.

A passenger on the plane said that the plane started “shaking like crazy” for the duration of the last half hour of flight. You can actually see how the plane was jiggling about in the video below:

The pilot apparently came into the cabin to take photos and view the engine. He also called the authorities at Honolulu Airport, saying “If you haven’t already, roll the fire trucks.” Air traffic control confirms “they will be standing by.”

Thankfully the plane landed safely with no major mishap. If you want to fly for FREE over to Hawaii or perhaps Europe, it is worth reading our easy guide.

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(Source: View Frome The Wing)

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