How To Upgrade To An American Airlines Extra Seat For Free


This trick will not work on United, where the air hosts and hostesses guard any upgradeable seat as if their life depended on it, but if you are flying on American Airlines in the main cabin, according to the forward cabin, because the “Extra” seats are technically within the economy cabin, you are free to book a standard main cabin seat and move to an available “Extra” seat once the plane has taken off and the seatbelt sign has been turned off.

These seats are already free at the time of booking for Platinum Elites or above, but if you are not a massively frequent flyer in AA you have to pay to upgrade to these “Extra’ seats.

Why Should I Care?

Well not only do you get “Extra” legroom in these seats, but American Airlines have announced new benefits to their “Extra” seating, including free alcohol and dedicated overhead bin space.

The forward cabin has confirmed with several front-line American employees that the “move after takeoff” policy is true.

This, of course, creates a problem for AA if any of these seats are not taken, as it allows non paying customers to enjoy the “Extra” benefits for free, and there is the possibility of a riot as passengers clamber for these seats the moment the seat-belt sign is switched off.

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Also, did you know that if your seat is broken, this is another way to get you a free flight upgrade on your next flight?

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