Are You Good Looking? How Flight Attendants Rank Your Looks


If you are sat in seat 5D on a flight and overhear the attendants say, “I might do five days in Denmark next week”, you are a honey!

This is the code used by flight crews use to talk discreetly about ‘attractive’ passengers. It can also be used to talk about travellers they don’t like!

According to the UK Mirror, a former flight attendant explained on Australian radio show Kyle & Jackie O that airline staff sometimes pass the time by picking out the best-looking passengers on flights.

“Obviously, when we are in the cabin and we are doing the drinks we can’t just be like ‘Oh doll check him out’,” James said. “You have to be subtle about it.”

James talked about the code in more detail: “Because everyone knows their seat numbers, so we’re on the cart and he’ll be like, ‘I’m thinking of doing seven days in America… being ‘seat 7A’.

This can also be applied to annoying customers, although a more likely scenario is that flight attendants just ignore them.

If they say “‘I’ll be right back,” and never return, they simply don’t like you…

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