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I have already reviewed the best airline to fly to Europe in Business Class. I picked United Airlines, American Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, British Airways and Delta as the best airlines to travel transatlantic in Business Class.

Now I specifically compare British Airways Vs Delta Airlines. If you have the choice, which is the best airline for Business Class? My choice is Delta Airlines, beating British Airways Business Class, largely based on their respective Business Class seat dimensions.

Delta has great new Business Class seats, called Delta One, which are better than the British Airways seat. Even with Deta’s older seats, the widths range from 20″ to 24″ but most of their seats have a 21″ width and a 77″-81″ length.

This compares to the British Airways Business seats which range from 18″ to 20.5″ in width, with most flights offering 18″ or 20.5″ widths. If you get an 18″ seat, it is 3″ smaller than the Delta average in width, even the 20.5″ British Airways seat is 0.5″ smaller in width than the Delta seat.

The British Airways seat length comes in at 72″ which is generally also smaller than Delta, plus many seats do not have direct aisle access.

British Airways has decent airport lounges, particularly when flying out of Gatwick, where you get access to the Gatwick British Airways Business Lounge, and Heathrow where both the Galleries South and Galleries North in Terminal 5 and the Galleries Lounge in Terminal 3 which are all very decent and have good quality food and drinks and a nice ambience.

I cannot comment on the Delta lounges as I have not flown Delta enough to compare them.

Below you will find my reviews of recent experiences I have had on each airline – you may want to draw your own conclusions.

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British Airways Vs Delta Airlines

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It is also worth mentioning that there will be a game changer launching around 2020 with the introduction of Concorde like transatlantic Supersonic travel. The major players in this market are Boom, backed by Richard Branson, Spike Aerospace, Airbus and Aerion Corp. With prices expected to be around $5,000 a ticket, these will offer an exciting and faster alternative to First and Business when travelling transatlantic.