Explosive Plane Crash & Fireball In Toronto


This shocking footage shows a fireball forming on the wing of a plane which was crashed into by another plane, yesterday at Toronto airport.

A WestJet flight was sitting on the tarmac at Toronto after arriving from Cancun last night.The next thing that happened was truly shocking. A Sunwing plane started pushing back from its gate and struck the Westjet plane and the wing consequently burst into flames

“Out of nowhere there was an audible crunch and the plane rocked slightly,” Lobo told CBC News. …”Panic set in when [we saw] what seemed to be fuel spewing from the crash. After a couple of seconds, the entire thing ignited and it was chaos inside the plane. People screaming and panicking all while the flight attendants shouted to try and control the situation.”

Once black smoke started to get drawn into the cabin, people started to really panic and passengers on the WestJet aircraft were evacuated by stairs and onto the tarmac on that freezing cold night.

This video shows wing on fire:

At least the incident happened while the plane was on the ground and fire crews were quickly brought in to put out the fire.

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