Experts Reveal 6 Secret Tips For Your Next Cruise


My parents have cruised almost non-stop for 25 years. They have some exceptional tips which will help you make the most of your cruise experience whilst keeping within your budget.

Book In Advance

If you are planning to book a cruise and know what you want, book the moment the cruise rooms go on sale. This way you get the room you want on the ship you want. Many world cruises sell out and early birds do get a much better price than those that book the last few rooms.

Book 6 weeks before the cruise leaves

Contrary to the advice above, if you have not got your heart set on a specific cruise destination and boat, it is worth leaving it until the last minute and to pick up a bargain. There are usually a few cabins left on most Caribbean cruises, for example, so there is no need to book these months in advance, the best prices are often last minute.

Book A Cabin On The Best Side Of The Ship

Remember to research your cruise routing and the way it docks in port. By doing this you can secure the “sunny side of the ship” or the “port side of the ship” so that you can see people coming and going in the dock.

As an example, if your ship usually backs into a spot in Sydney harbor, you will want to be on the right-hand side of the ship, so that you overlook the Sydney opera house as oppose to the buildings in “The Rocks”.

You Don’t Need To Take Expensive Tours

It is sometimes just as easy to hop on a local bus as it is to book an expensive tour. For example in Hawaii, you can hop on a bus to Waikiki for a few dollars instead of booking yourself on a tour that costs hundreds.

Share Rides With Other Passengers

If you do an independent trip versus an organized excursion in port, try to pair up with others from the ship and share rides. This can half the taxi costs as well as making you new friends.

Have A Meal Or Coffee Off-Ship

If you solely eating onboard, you miss out on local experiences. For example, if you are in Monaco, stop by Cafe de Paris and enjoy a beer or a coffee and an hour of people watching. This is a great way to absorb the ambiance of the destination instead of just visiting attractions.

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