British Airways Priority Boarding Misery


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Once again, my most recent flight on British Airways did not start well. The curtain between Business Class and Economy was back but the disorganised boarding was a misery. My flight left at 13.50 and we were called to the gate at 13.05. Dutifully, all the passengers for my flight queued, as requested, by the gate in two orderly queues; one for Priority Boarding and one for Economy passengers.

We were near the front of the Economy queue. We were travelling in Economy in row 5, meaning that there would be four rows (each row of 4 seats) in front of us. 30 minutes later we were still queueing whilst the Priority Boarding queue was happily boarding. All 50+ people.

Now can I remind you that there were just 16 Business Class seats on the plane! Surely the point in offering Priority Boarding is to offer an extra perk for those passengers paying a premium? So we tested the scenario. I sent my husband to the Priority queue and sure enough, he boarded immediately. We remained in the Economy queue which did not start boarding until 13:40. 40 minutes after we started queuing at the gate, at which point my son was going wild with boredom and was riding his hand luggage around the terminal.

Now I know that I rant about British Airways a lot and I know that all passengers arrived in Gatwick at the same time, but I am once again frustrated by the lack of care taken by British Airways.

The moral of the story. If you have been following the instructions on the boards and have gone to gate as requested and have then stood in a queue for 40 minutes while staff meandered to the gate (late) and then do not honour the Priority Boarding rule… certainly, it seems that (at Nice Airport) you can join the Priority queue whatever your status or the class you are travelling in.

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