Brilliant Idea: Take Your Bed With You When You Travel!


Have you ever put your head down on an unsavoury hotel pillow that mildly smells of someone else’s head (Ughhh!). Or perhaps you have got into Airbnb holidays but don’t fancy sleeping on someone else’s mattress? Whether you are glamping, camping, hostelling, renting, hotelling, or just sleeping over, Bundle beds are our latest travel discovery and they enable you to take your clean comfy bed with you wherever you travel. Just bundle it up and off you go!

They say: For many years the only solution for sleepovers, impromptu guest stays, camping and adventures was to take a mass of bulky or uncomfortable sleeping equipment which collectively never really managed to deliver a great night’s sleep. We decided to change that…

Bundle Beds provides the ultimate sleeping alternative to a conventional bed. The fully bundled bed comes complete with a deceptively slim but super-comfortable self-inflating mattress, a built-in luxury duvet and pillow, and soft, cosy 100% jersey cotton sheets for a great night’s sleep anywhere! Added to that it’s durable and washable too!

Unclip. Unroll. Unzip… Sleep!

Bundle beds

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