A Brilliant Beach Destination For 2018 That You Haven’t Heard Of!


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Latvia is still fairly undiscovered by tourists and there are numerous delights to uncover on a visit here.

Leipeija is one of them, this small town is situated on the edge of a 15km stretch of white sandy beach dotted with cocktail shacks and privy to some of the most breathtaking sunsets you will ever have the privilege to enjoy.

It has a cool alternative vibe in its bars and its wonderfully eclectic boutique hotels and the locals are warm and welcoming to travellers. Within the laid back parameters of the town is Karosta – a stark reminder of the country’s Soviet past.

Karosta was a massive military base during the occupation and visitors can still see remnants of extensive gun batteries and the Iron Curtain itself as well as atmospherically crumbling officers barracks and the intact Karosta prison which now houses a museum and hostel in which guests can get an idea of the kind of experience military prisoners would have had not much over 30 years ago.

There are not many places you can enjoy a beautiful beach holiday as well as discovering fascinating insights into contemporary history, for this reason, Leipeija is truly unique and an absolute hidden gem for the intrepid traveller!

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