10 Insider Tips To Save Serious Money On Your Next Vacation


Have you ever wondered how certain luxury travellers seem to travel the world in Business Class, staying gorgeous hotels and spending more than their apparent wealth on jaw-dropping vacations?

Below we outline 10 insider tips which will score you a super cheap luxury vacation.

Hotels For A Fraction Of Their Value

This is our very own insider secret. We partner with specific luxury hotels to offer our readers one-off stays around the world for a fraction of what they are worth. You simply will not find a better or cheaper price for any of the hotel & villa stays featured in our Luxury Travel Auctions. Have a scroll through these unique luxury stays around the world.

Stay in Bali, Tokyo, London or the Maldives. Safari in luxury or learn to surf at a beach resort. Whatever takes your fancy, you can bid from anywhere in the world and make payment in your own currency by PayPal (PayPal will make the conversion). Our prices start at a staggering £0.99 ($1.25).

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Free Upgrades, Breakfast and Credit On Luxury Hotel Bookings Worldwide

Our Virtuoso Luxury Travel Concierge will give you complimentary free upgrades, free breakfast and credit (usually $100) on luxury hotel bookings worldwide. Hotels which offer these benefits include Four Seasons, Aman, LHW, Small Luxury Hotels, Intercontinental, certain Hyatt, Marriott & Hilton brands and many more. Basically, if your hotel is luxury, our concierge can almost definitely get you free breakfast, a complimentary room upgrade AND credit to spend during your stay… all FREE.

Plan ahead

Boring but true! Start planning a year ahead and book your flights as soon as they are released. I have just booked the last three reward seats on British Airways back from Nice to London in September. If I had left it a day later, it is likely I would have missed out on flying on my preferred flight.

If you haven’t booked up for the summer, book your flights now!

Pack light

Following on from the above point, this tip is particularly relevant if you are booking with low-cost airlines. Luggage often costs as much as the seats. Buy a cabin sized bag, fill it up and try to travel without hold baggage. If you have to travel with hold baggage, then try and combine bags. I book just 2 hold bags for 3 people which means we don’t need to pay for a 3rd hold bag.

Be Flexible And Take Advantage Of Flash Sales

I just changed my Easter travel plans yesterday and booked a stay at the Monte Carlo Bay hotel in Monaco because their flash sale was too good to turn down. You can see this particular flash sale on their Monte Carlo Sale Season website and I previously have reviewed both the Monte Carlo Bay hotel and the Hotel Hermitage which participate in this sale.

If you are flexible, you can take advantage of special offers when they come up. Crucially, sign up for newsletters at your favourite hotels and they will send you flash sales right into your inbox.

Join Hotel Loyalty Programs

Joining a hotel loyalty program is one of the easiest ways to get free nights or free upgrades at luxury hotels. By collecting points on the loyalty programs of Starwood, Hyatt, Hilton, Marriott and IHG hotels you can get free stays.

Travel Out Of Season

I cannot stress this enough. If there is any chance you can travel out of the main seasons, outside of Christmas and June and July, you will find hotel prices are discounted by as much as 50%.

Book At Newly Opened Hotels

Find out which hotels have recently opened and then book while they are still in “soft launch” stage. Many new hotels offered their guests discounts of more than 50% (including many extras) just after they open.

Transatlantic Steals

If you want to fly transatlantic ALWAYS check out Norwegian Airlines and WOW Air first as they will probably be cheaper. With transatlantic tickets starting at $100 you have no excuse not to fly away in 2018!

Invest Well & Take Advantage of Freebies

Mr Bitcoin travels the world for free on his newly earned crypto-wealth. It is not too late to invest in Bitcoin today (the price has dropped substantially since Christmas). You could then use your profits to pay for future vacations.

If you have faith in these predictions; the Director of Payal, this millionaire and this expert all predicting that Bitcoin will be worth $150,000 in a year or two, there is still a chance to make a quick buck!

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