Unlimited Flights With New Private Jet Service


Fed up with queuing in airports, catching colds in the passport line and putting up with delays? Frequent flying has just become a lot more fun within Europe.

Surf Air is a new Private Jet subscription service that lets members fly unlimited trips on a private jet for a monthly fee.

Surf Air first launched in California, where you can fly as many trips as you want between destinations like Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Lake Tahoe for a flat monthly fee of $1,950, in addition to a one-time new member fee.

These flights fly out of small provincial airports, and flyers can book onto flights as late as 15 minutes before takeoff.

Surf Air launched in Europe this summer, with routings from London to Ibiza, Spain. The company plans to add destinations such as Cannes, Zurich, Geneva and Milan.

The subscription package costs £1,950 pound per month (approximately $2,630) which can be good value if you fly enough. Surf Air in Europe currently has one jet and plans to add more Pilatus aircraft in the next three to five years.

“Our model is the future of air travel,” European CEO Simon Talling-Smith, told the Independent. “It’s flying without the bad bits.”

If can’t quite stretch to a private jet service, this week is meant to be the cheapest week of the year to buy flights. Check out our roundup of the really cheap flights from $7 and the Caribbean for $49.

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