Scoot Offers Super Cheap $80 Fares From Hawaii But There Is A Catch


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Scoot, the low-cost arm of the Singapore Airlines Group, has entered the Hawaii market with $80 flights but there is a catch. The flights will be routed from Honolulu to Singapore through Osaka. They are ideal for those travelling to Singapore and Osaka but less useful to the Americans who read Luxury Travel Diary.

That said, one would hope that these super cheap fares might eventually evolve to include the Hawaii to US routings. Until then, you need to live in Japan or Singapore to take advantage of these outrageous prices.

These promotional fares will start Dec. 19, and the price is $80 for a one-way ticket from Honolulu to Osaka and $200 to Singapore and can be booked for travel between Dec. 19 and Christmas Day.

$199 Flights To Hawaii From The USA (No Catch!)

I wouldn’t have written this article without offering at least one flight option from US soil to Hawaii. This week, Hawaiian Airlines announced an expansion of service between San Diego and Maui during the summer, launching May 1. To celebrate, travellers can book a special $199 one-way fare from now until December 11, 2017 for travel Mondays through Thursdays from May 1 through May 24, 2018.

If you are looking for a bargain, take a look at our 6 amazing flight deals to the sun (includes $80 flights to Hawaii).

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