Despite tourism taking over much of Costa Rica, the village of Cahuita remains authentically Caribbean and that inviting, chilled-out vibe is still very much evident. Cahuita lies on Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast, near the border with Panama and is the gateway to the stunning Cahuita National Park which is the home to most of Cahuita EcoVenture’s tours. It’s a spectacular landscape on which to take a tour; tropical rainforest, epic coral reefs, the white-sands of Playa Blanca and the black-sand beach of Playa Negra are all there waiting to be explored.

Cahuita EcoVenture

To really get under the skin of this amazing part of the world, let the experts show you around. Which is exactly what Cahuita EcoVenture are all about. The company was founded by owners Fernando Davis Brown and Chalton Obando Mullins who are passionate about their local area. Their tours have a distinctly eco-conscious approach; with such a stunning natural environment on their doorstep, preserving it has to be a top priority. They pride themselves on educating people about the fragile balance of the local eco systems can create an awareness and consciousness about natural environment that we all live in.

Which Tour to Choose

Deciding what tour to take is your first challenge! Several of the tours focus on discovering the varied wildlife and flora and fauna that make the national park their home; toucans, inquisitive white-faced monkeys, turtles, cute white-nosed coatis, snakes, colourful butterflies and hermit crabs are among those who can be spotted. The fabulous “Night Animal Tour” is particularly popular and gives you the unique opportunity to see the creatures of the rainforest who prefer to appear at night! While it might be an intimidating place to be at night when alone, doing it with a Cahuita EcoVenture tour becomes a safe, fun and very memorable way to see these animals in their natural habitat. And don’t forget your camera, your tour guides have some impressive lighting so you can still get some sensational shots. There are also tours that focus solely on hiking (by daylight!), there’s a Fishing Tour, a Dolphin Watching Tour, an Indian Reservation Tour and even a tour that gives you an insight into the “Medicinal Plants” that the rainforest provides.

More than 500 species of fish inhabit the waters along this stretch of coast and so the reef is the site of many of the tours too. A lot of these are snorkelling tours as this is the best way to catch a glimpse of life beneath the waves and for your safety the park has installed a trail that consists of a 400-metre line with white buoys marking the safe areas. Among the coral species on the reef are the Elkhorn and smooth brain, with Venus sea fans, sea urchins and numerous species of fish make it their home including the French angel fish, blue parrot fish, barracuda and queen angel fish. Other species present include the sea cucumber, lobster, white shrimp, green turtle and various crustaceans like hermit crabs.

The tours are designed to make life super-easy for you; they provide all the equipment that you will need, if your tour is water-based this includes snorkelling gear and life jackets, fruit refreshments are included to give you a much-needed energy boost, and of course, there’s a knowledgeable guide who will help you get the best out of your experience and ensure you have a fun-packed day that you’ll never forget.

Cahuita EcoVenture Snorkelling Tour in Costa Rica

A favourite of Cahuita EcoVenture’s, this tour combines snorkelling the beautiful reef with exploring on land so you get the best of both worlds. You even make a delightful lunch pit-stop where you can enjoy a traditional Caribbean lunch of rice, beans and fish seasoned with coconut milk, fried plantain and salad at Miss Edith´s Restaurant. But there’s much to do before lunch! The tour begins with a relaxing boat ride to the reef where you spend several hours snorkelling and get the chance to do some free diving too. Green turtles live in this area too so with any luck you might catch a glimpse. After a fresh fruit re-fuel, the land-based hike takes you into Cahuita National Park and along the coastal path where you can look out for parrots, toucans, herons, ibis and a wide variety of other birds that are just ready to show off their beautiful plumes – keep that camera to hand! You are also likely to see iguanas, agoutis and sloths in their natural habitat; a miraculous and totally unforgettable sight.

Cahuita EcoVenture

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