Outrage Over JetBlue’s Golden Ticket Disaster


JetBlue’s marketing team had a brilliant idea. Sell a game called “Get Packing!” on Amazon and the winner gets a free flight. It is JetBlue’s version of Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket.

This board game was to be sold on Amazon for $19.99. 200 lucky people would win a free flight as a result. JetBlue passengers logged onto to Amazon at 12 pm ET, but the game was unavailable. Actually not quite true, it was available, but only from third party sellers for between $40 and $9,999.

Angry customers complained on Twitter that the game was never available from Amazon direct and following this utter mess, outraged customers started a new hashtag on twitter #getpackingscam.

Around an hour later, the JetBlue game’s listing on the website was updated to show that it was sold out and that another allotment will be available on December 18 at 3 pm ET.

Jetblue will apparently be restocking the game on December 18 at 3:00pm ET.

I wonder how many will try again on Dec 18th?

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