OROXY: Travel Solo, But Never Alone

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If you are a solo female traveller, you must visit OROXY.com. What you will find here is essential advice and inspiring products; life-savers, space-savers, and must-haves that have been personally tested by experienced global travellers.

OROXY is a platform which reaches out to women who have that passion and wanderlust, but still need that catalyst. It’s also a platform for those who’ve already been out exploring the world and want to share their experience and everything in between. Launched in November 2017 OROXY is producing destination-specific travel guides for solo female travelers based on personal experiences and advice which will inspire and support you as you get started and all along the way.

OROXY is an opportunity for new travelers to get real-life stories, travel tips, all the gear they’ll need for their trip, and human contact from experienced travelers who can answer all of their questions before they go and while they’re abroad.

OROXY: A Brand Founded From Love

The team behind OROXY will inspire your own travels; Kendra and Bryan met in the summer of 2015. She was the Outreach Coordinator and Director of Oxford Study Abroad for the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies at Arizona State University and Bryan was a U.S Navy veteran who was getting his degree at ASU to become an English teacher. But it wasn’t until they were both overseas in Oxford, UK that they truly met and fell in love, blowing off the real world and becoming expats.

After returning home from Oxford, Kendra continued working long hours at ASU, and Bryan started teaching at a local public school. They enjoyed their work but were frustrated by the long hours, sub-standard pay, and inability to progress in their careers. “We both felt like there should be something more to our lives, and we were simply missing it”.

Like many of us, they needed a change and were looking everywhere to find an escape. “We looked for jobs in Hawaii and Guam, and Bryan considered going back into the military, all for some way to break the cycle of going to work, coming home, and going to bed. We wracked our brains for a year and finally decided that we were going to travel and see the world, even if it killed us!”.

Kendra and Bryan then sold or donated everything they owned: books, furniture, clothes… everything. They only kept some mementos and keepsakes that held sentimental value. Basically if they could replace it, they got rid of it.

They decided to move to Vietnam. Bryan’s father lived there and it was somewhere neither had ever been before. From preliminary research, they found that English teaching jobs for foreigners was a huge market, and the cost of living was incredibly cheap. From everything they’d sold and saved they thought they could survive for about 3 months without work, but soon after they arrived, they realized it was more like a full year.

They’ve been exploring ever since. While in Thailand they met and befriended other travelers, mostly solo female travelers, who blew them away with their amazing stories and OROXY.com was born to provide a space, guide, community and store as well as support, and recognition; a one-stop-shop that meets the needs of solo female travelers everywhere.

Kendra and Bryan met, lived, worked, and fell in love while traveling abroad. Traveling has truly changed their lives. They’d love to be able to share their stories with you, and (most importantly) help you make your own.

Kendra and Bryan are here to help you get out there. Travel solo, but never alone.


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