There are just two sleeps until Christmas Day, until Santa gets in his sleigh and flies through the sky over rooftops sparkling with snow. If you are still looking around for that last minute Christmas gift, here are 4 fabulous ideas that you can buy up to the very last minute!

A Flight To The Sunshine

In my books, there is no better Christmas gift than the chance to escape the winter gloom. We have already covered the best flight deals currently available, but I want to highlight two airlines to check first; Norwegian Airlines and WOW are offering extraordinary cheap flights across the Atlantic from as little as $100 and down to the Caribbean for $49. At these prices, you do not need to break the bank to book you and your loved one a trip away.

One For The Kids

What is better than sunshine? How about Disney World? If you can stretch to it, The Four Seasons Orlando is a dream for children with wonderful slides and a free shuttle to the parks (which are just moments away). Book through our luxury travel concierge and you will get a free breakfast, free upgrade and more…

Netflix Subscription

Have you seen Stranger Things and if not, let me insist that you immediately take out a subscription to Netflix for yourself and/or your loved one. You will improve your 2018 by watching it. If they like movies, you should also gift a subscription to Amazon Prime where The Man In The High Castle and The Grand Tour are not to be missed. It is also nice to get your deliveries fast, so that you can avoid the last minute Christmas scramble next year!

A Shiny New Car

Make the salesman at your local garage happy and pop down there with a wadge of cash and drive a shiny new car home for Christmas.

If you can stretch to a top of the range car, your recipient’s gift might just increase in value. Limited edition cars like the Porsche 996 and 997 GT3 models have become much much more valuable than their original asking price.

The 4.0 RS now fetches over £300k, so if you can afford the finance payments & insurance, this car would make an amazing gift that may well appreciate further, plus it would be lovely to stroke in your garage.

Crypto Coins (The Ultimate Lottery Ticket?)

Cryptocurrencies seem to be on a roll, so why not give your loved one something that could be worth a whole lot more in years to come; Bitcoin (Gold) and Litecoin (Silver). The Director of Payal, this millionaire and this expert all predict Bitcoin will be worth $150,000 in a year or two.

Admittedly a whole Bitcoin for a gift, at close to $20,000, is out of most people’s price range, but you might still be able to afford a whole Litecoin should be equally lucrative (perhaps more considering it’s current valuation and limited supply). Certainly, the very rich BK recommends Litecoin:

If you do decide to buy Litecoin or Bitcoin, make sure you set it up using a coinbase referral link like mine. Once you buy or sell $100 USD (£76) of digital currency or more, you will get $10 USD (£7) of free Bitcoin (as will your referrer, which on this link would be me). To the moon…

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