Noble&Hitsch: Life With A Private Butler in Hong Kong


Whether having your own staff is perfectly typical to you or whether the idea of being waited on is your idea of the perfect holiday, most luxury travellers would wholeheartedly agree: butler services when you’re travelling make a wonderful addition to any trip. When you’re next in Hong Kong, make contact with Noble & Hitsch to arrange your personal butler and make that trip easier, more relaxing and altogether more memorable.


Noble & Hitsch Butlers are headquartered in Hong Kong. They can serve you at a private home but are also available to serve at art galleries, grand openings, corporate events and shopping experiences among many locations. And, there’s no need to limit their expertise geographically, they are happy to accompany you anywhere in the world to serve your needs.

Services Provided

For high net worth individuals, a butler service is a basic essential; it makes your trip run so much smoother having someone to take care of the little details. If you’re not used to employing butlers then consider how it would feel to have them attend you on a special evening, how it would feel to have that lavish ‘Downton Abbey’ treatment just for you. With Noble & Hitsch, it’s possible to hire a butler for a limited time period. There’s nothing quite like having a butler as an escort on a shopping day, or perhaps to help manage your wardrobe or how about to provide a formal afternoon tea service; the possibilities are really rather wonderful! Their services work very nicely to mark a special event, perhaps a birthday or a wedding and can make fabulous gifts for family or friends.

Noble & Hitsch’s services are often employed by private companies who want to ensure the absolute best experience for their VIP clients and being waited on by their own private butler turns even the hardest to please individual much more agreeable! They can also help ensure that a corporate event runs smoothly, enhance a new product release or act as a travel companion on a formal business trip.

The Noble & Hitsch butlers can also act as Toastmasters or a master of ceremonies; someone who presents an event, introduces key people and generally keeps the audience engaged and relaxed. This service works very well at weddings, formal dinners, birthday parties or corporate events.

In addition to their range of butler services, Noble & Hitsch can also aid you in the art of etiquette as well as providing a range of fine gentleman’s accessories including ties, cufflinks and toiletries. Their etiquette training covers personal grooming, table manners, protocol, communication and fine dining as well as taking you on a fascinating historical journey and ensures that you leave a true lady or gentleman.

About Noble & Hitsch

Noble & Hitsch represents the finest in Butling services in all of Asia. The company was started by the two partners; Thomas Kaufmann and Christopher Noble who met while attending The International Butler Academy at Kaastel Oost in the Netherlands, one of the most respected Butling and House Management Academies in the world. Christopher and Thomas started their professional butling careers at the prestigious Wang Jin Yuan Estate in Chengdu, China, they then spent five years training Chinese students to become ‘Western Style Butlers’ before deciding to launch Noble & Hitsch. The business was founded to meet the growing demand in Asia for private butlers and to provide the very best personal service for your private needs or for corporate clients when staying or living in Hong Kong.

Noble & Hitsch

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