Why Your Next Flight Booking MUST Be In The Morning


Next time you go to book a flight, consider an early morning flight. Yes those miserable red-eye flights have major advantages.


it seems no-one wants to travel first thing in the morning so flight prices are usually cheaper.

You have more chance of getting to your destination

It makes sense really. Early morning flights are less likely to be delayed than those later in the day. According to Travel + Leisure magazine, delays start at around 8am and peak at around 6pm as there is less air traffic first thing in the morning.


You are less likely to experience turbulence in the air when you fly in the morning since most thunderstorms and the unstable air that results, happens in the afternoon.

So will I be following my own advice? Nope, I simply can’t bear my commute to the airport before 9am, so I will be one of those silly people paying over the odds for my flight, moaning about my flight delay and bouncing around in turbulence… For me, all that pain is worth it if I get a decent night of sleep the night before a flight.

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