Last Day: Win A Massive 5,000 Club Eurostar Points


I just wanted to write a small piece to plug this rather good competition on brilliant travel website HeadforPoints.

Enter on this widget to win 5,000 Club Eurostar points plus a one year top-tier Carte Blanche membership.

5,000 Club Eurostar points are enough for two Anytime return tickets in Standard Premier. You will be able to travel to any destination, on any day you want – guaranteed (as long as cash tickets are still available for sale, obviously).

Alternatively, 5,000 Club Eurostar points will get you: Three Anytime return reward trips in Standard, with 500 points left over, or Five Value return trips in Standard (using normal reward inventory), or two Value return trips in Standard Premier, with 1,000 points left over, or one Anytime return reward trip in Business Premier, with 2,000 points left over.

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