Fly JAL Supersonic New York To London In 3 Hours


Easily one of the most exciting developments in luxury travel is supersonic flight, and it came one step closer this week when Denver-based startup Boom Supersonic announced that Japan Airlines has invested $10 million in the company, which adds to the $41 million in funding it had raised earlier this year.

Boom is developing a 55-seat plane that will be able to fly New York To London in just over 3 hours. This amazing plane is expected to enter service by the mid 2020s and will fly at Mach 2.2 which is 10% faster than the iconic Concorde.

Boom’s aircraft is expected to produce a sonic boom that would be 30 times quieter than Concorde’s, and because of the lower fuel costs, tickets are expected to come in at a similar price to Business Class.

But that is not all. Blake Scholl, the founder and chief executive of Boom Supersonic wants to make supersonic travel affordable to everyone and dreams of supplying affordable supersonic flights anywhere in the world in five hours for $100.

Richard Branson’s Spaceship company is also working with Boom on the development of the supersonic jets and has the rights to the first 10 Boom aircraft produced.

Other innovations in travel will include driverless trains, taxis, cars and ships and we will probably be paying for it all with Bitcoin or Litecoin rather than fiat currencies. In fact, seeing as Bitcoin seems to be on a roll, with a current price of around $14,000 and predictions of Bitcoin being worth $100,000 – $2 million over the next 5-10 years, it might be just the time to jump on this futuristic bandwagon. One the most educated articles I have read trying to make sense of Bitcoin can be found on Moneyweek.

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