The most expensive mansion in Silicon Valley has to be on any Billionaires Christmas wish list! In fact, Silicon Valley and New York remain two of the most expensive places to buy a property in America. Scroll through the pictures above to see what you are missing out on…

1550 Portola Road in Woodside, California, is located up the road from Facebook and Google and is being marketed for $48 million, an increase of almost 700% since it last in 2008. This generously proportioned home was built around 1915 and sits on seven acres with a private lake and horse stables.

Who Will Buy This Mansion?

One immediately imagines that potential purchasers might be tech moguls from Facebook, Apple and Google, because of the convenient location. In fact, Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison, and SoftBank’s Masayoshi Son, have lived in this area over the years. but there is another breed of cyber-billionaire that is joining the buyers for this kind of property.

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