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On Friday, December 1st 2017, the Luxury Travel Expert was invited to experience the new and insane First Class Suites on Emirates. If you can’t quite stretch to this Business Class seat, you might want to consider flying away with these insane flight deals for cheap travel in 2018.

The first brand new Emirates Boeing 777 aircraft which features the newly designed and highly anticipated Business and First Class cabins flew into Brussels airport so, following a small reception and a few obligatory speeches by representatives from both the airport and Emirates, a select group of reporters were offered a tour aboard the B777 aircraft (before its scheduled departure to Dubai).

While he was not impressed by the new Business and Economy Class cabins, the new First Class product, I quote, “blew me off my feet!”. You can see the video tour below which includes a look at both the First Class and Business Class seats:

I have reviewed the new Emirates First Class suite separately.

Emirates B777 new Business Class is very similar to the old product although it has a more sleek overall look. The design and shape of the new Business Class seat was inspired by the interior of a modern Mercedez-Benz sports car, with a diamond stitch pattern on the full leather cover and ergonomically designed headrest. In fact, is the first time an Emirates product has been so influenced by another luxury brand.

Despite the sleek look, the seats are still configured in a 2-3-2 layout, which means not all passengers have aisle access: passengers in the centre seats and window seats will have to scramble over their neighbour’s legs to reach the aisle.

It’s quite incomprehensible that Emirates stuck to this bad layout, although almost all other carriers are now going for a 1-2-1 seat configuration in Business Class. Nevertheless, this ‘traditional’ layout is quite good if you are travelling with a group of friends or family.

In comparison: Emirates A380 aircraft feature a staggered 1-2-1 configuration, which is much better for solo travellers.

The B777 new Business Class seat is almost identical to the old B777 Business Class seat: it has a pitch of 72 inches (183 cm) and also has touchscreen controls for the seat and in-flight entertainment system, several personal lighting options, privacy panels between seats, and a shoe storage area. However, there are 3 major differences which make this product an upgrade as compared to the old B777 seats:

The seats are fully flat beds (and not angled flat beds) and move into a fully flat sleeping position, which is a huge improvement on the currently Emirates Business Class Seats.

Each seat comes with an ottoman or footrest, covered in soft leather. There’s a personal mini-bar in the armrest, so overall these seats are indeed an improvement.