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Club Eurostar: The Launch Of A New Loyalty Scheme


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Club Eurostar is Eurostar’s new and improved loyalty scheme. It aims to be simple, offering plenty of availability with no big taxes or fees to pay.

With the new loyalty scheme, all Eurostar routes will cost the same price in points, which means that there is even better value offered by Eurostar’s longer routes, such as those to Lyon or the South of France, than the shorter routes such as London to Paris.

Crucially, there won’t be any taxes or fees to pay on reward bookings and members will be able to exchange their reward booking once at no cost.

Anytime rewards will be available as long as there are seats for sale on the train. These cost a premium of 25%-50% depending on the type of ticket, but this ensures that Eurostar can offer a flexible reward option to all of their members.

Plus Points members (who previously received money-off vouchers) will get their points transferred to vouchers to the new scheme if they have enough.

Eurostar will also be adding more ways to earn points and they’ve also invested in a new reward platform that will give Avantage & Carte Blanche members access to a curated reward catalogue, adding hundreds of new products to spend points on according to Eurostar’s Loyalty Manager, Camilo Courtenay. Plus you will be able to share points with family & friends (at no cost).

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