Your British Airways Flight Is Full: Put Your Hand Luggage In The Hold!


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Oh British Airways, how I try to love thee, but you have taken my drinks and snacks away from me in Economy across Europe, you appear to have removed the curtain between Economy and Business Class, now you try to take my hand luggage away from me? Yes, this was my latest joyous experience on British Airways.

Last week, I flew to Nice from London Gatwick. I had booked my flight from Heathrow, but due to a schedule change, my flight was moved to Gatwick. Having booked the heady heights of luxury in Club Europe, the gate attendant tried to steal my hand luggage off me because my flight was fully booked. She wanted to “pop it in the hold”.

I admit, I do travel with a rather bulky hand bag with me which contains all my valuables. I have experienced lost luggage before and have found the compensation for my valuable but “used” items to be estimated far lower than the amount I would need to pay to replace them! For this reason alone, I keep my most valuable items with me when I travel, just in case..

The gate attendant did not understand my predicament and after an argument, she let me go and I got to keep my luggage. Why? Because I had 16 passengers behind me and I quote “all of these 15 passengers will have to hand over their hand luggage”.

It would appear that whether you travelled in Economy or Club, this was the situation, because the flight was fully booked, because of a British Airways schedule change which amalgamated 2 flights into 1 or 3 into 2. If you want to avoid having your hand baggage removed on a busy flight, you might want to consider getting to the gate early, so that you get to keep your bag!

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