Awsome Christmas Gifts For Frequent Flyers


If you still need Christmas gift inspiration for your frequent flying friends, here are some travel “must haves” that will inspire you to pack your cases…

Avegant Personal Theater For Movies & Games

It might look odd, but the Avegant Video Headset delivers a cinema experience in a headset. How good is the screen? It doesn’t have one! Avegant’s Patented Retinal Imaging Technology mimics natural eyesight through LED projection onto millions of microscopic mirrors. It’s not watching; it’s seeing.

Image clarity is hardly distinguishable from viewing the natural world. Immersive, yet not shut off from your surroundings. And you won’t even need your glasses; Fully adjustable optics compensate for most prescriptions, meaning you can enjoy extended viewing without the need for glasses.

Downsides? The price at $800 and the weight. Like the crown jewels, you will need a strong neck to wear this device for any length of time!

Sparkly Bracelets By Annie Haak

Christmas is all about sparkle, right? OK, this gift is not exclusively for travel but I wear mine when I travel, they give me something to fiddle with when I am bored in a queue.

Jewellery does not come more sparkly than Annie Haak’s bracelets. I love them and have a million of them (almost). I have worn Annie’s bracelets since my son was small and he loves one bracelet that has a bulbous rounded heart hanging off it, that feels smooth and satisfying in his little palm. Whichever design and bracelet you fall in love with, you can just buy a single and quite reasonably priced chain, or you can splurge with a group of bracelets that will make your arm super sparkly.

Acqua di Parma: Everything

Acqua di Parma is my absolute favourite fragrance brand. I think it is because the smells evoke the trips that I have enjoyed so much the previous summer. The Blu Mediterraneo brand by Acqua di Parma is a particular favourite of mine and Capri ‎really does remind me of sipping a Limoncello outside the Capri Palace as the sun sets over this magical island.

AirBolt Luggage Lock

This is a must-have, whether you are travelling in luxury with a bag full of designer gear, or are backpacking around the world. Forget about luggage safety concerns with the AirBolt Smart Travel Lock. This tiny smart lock will fix your lost luggage problems. AirBolt is not the first smart lock for your luggage, but the first true lock for your luggage. There’s no longer any need to carry keys or combinations and track your luggage with alerts.

Designed for use on checked baggage (but it can be used anywhere you need to lock your belongings safely), this rope-based lock uses Bluetooth technology to let you lock and unlock it with nothing but an app. AirBolt is Bluetooth enabled, TSA accepted, offers crowd-sourced location tracking, proximity alerts, sharing and so much more.

The AirBolt will talk to your device via an App and unlock it with a single push of a button, as long as you are the owner and your smartphone is within range of the AirBolt. To prevent accidental unlocking, the AirBolt will simply re-lock if the rope is not taken out of the locking mechanism.

The Crowdsourced Location Tracking allows you to see the last seen location of your luggage, which is particularly helpful if you’ve reached your destination from a multi-stopover flight and reduces the hassle in communicating and tracking your luggage with the airline staff. You may even be able to have your luggage returned to you much faster.

The AirBolt also has a great battery life, lasting multiple months per charge, so you never need to worry about flat batteries either (plus its rechargeable!) and is compatible with iOS 8 & above, iPhone 5c on-wards, ANDROID 5.0 & above.

Marie Hell Designer Dresses

Marie Hell design my favourite dresses in the world. I would describe them as dress-up/dress-down dresses. I wear mine for breakfast at the Hermitage Hotel in Monaco and then in the evening, I dress the same dress up with my sparkles and enjoy beer and jazz at Four Seasons Grand Hotel Du Cap Ferrat.

They are also super stylish and super comfy for flying in. You look a million dollars yet are as comfortable as if you are wearing pajamas!

A Flight To The Sunshine

In my books, there is no better Christmas gift than the chance to escape the winter gloom. We have already covered the best flight deals currently available, but I want to highlight two airlines to check first; Norwegian Airlines and WOW are offering extraordinary cheap flights across the Atlantic from as little as $100 and down to the Caribbean for $49. At these prices, you do not need to break the bank to book you and your loved one a trip away.

Crypto Coins (The Ultimate Lottery Ticket?)

Cryptocurrencies seem to be on a roll, so why not give your loved one something that could be spent on numerous flights in Business or First Class in years to come? Bitcoin (Gold) and Litecoin (Silver). The Director of Payal, this millionaire and this expert all predict Bitcoin will be worth $150,000 in a year or two.

Admittedly a whole Bitcoin for a gift, at close to $20,000, is out of most people’s price range, but you might still be able to afford a whole Litecoin should be equally lucrative (perhaps more considering it’s current valuation and limited supply). Certainly, the very rich BK recommends Litecoin:

If you do decide to buy Litecoin or Bitcoin, make sure you set it up using a coinbase referral link like mine. Once you buy or sell $100 USD (£76) of digital currency or more, you will get $10 USD (£7) of free Bitcoin (as will your referrer, which on this link would be me). To the moon…

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