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This in-flight incident happened this week and will remind you to ALWAYS wash your feet (and your shoes) before boarding your next flight.

The incident took place on a Russian domestic flight, where a passenger took off his shoes and socks. The resulting smell was unpleasant. Another passenger became upset as a result of the smell and started to argue with the offender. The argument continued all the way from Moscow to Kaliningrad and then beyond after all the passengers had disembarked.

Once in the Khrabrovo Airport parking lot, the man with the smelly feet was stabbed the chest area, “causing a penetrating wound with damage to the heart”. The injured passenger apparently fought back with “a wooden beam with nails, driven into it”.

Wow! The moral of the story is not only to wash your feet, but also to try and stay calm if another passenger has unpleasant feet, wind or BO. Yes, it is unpleasant, but it isn’t worth a prison sentence.

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