Blow Your Mind E-Biking In Latin America: Uyuni in Bolivia

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When I visit a totally new place or really want to maximise my knowledge of a country, I love to go on a tour; it’s a shortcut to finding the best places and having blow-your-mind experiences; go with someone who knows! I’ve recently stumbled across a company who are not only tour operators themselves, but who have put together a trusted network of highly specialised tour operators across the globe. EUROLATINO now operate across Latin America, Central America, South America, the Caribbean, Spain, Italy, Portugal and central Europe.

Latin America Tours

Their tours are high-quality with specific itineraries, they pride themselves on personalising when you require it; on having your safety and security foremost and on giving you an exceptional and memorable holiday experience.

Many of their most popular tours operate across Latin America, one of the tour operators they collaborate with, TURISMO SENDA ANDINA, is based in Uyuni in southwest Bolivia. TURISMO SENDA ANDINA own two hotels in the region, one at the shore of the salt flats and a second in the desert and lagoon area of the National Park Eduardo Avaro, they also own 10 4WD vehicles but although both of these form part of the tours they are most definitely not the main event! They also own 20 high-tech electric bikes, the latest trend in sustainable transport and perfect for taking you on your next adventure!


E-biking works in very much the same way as a conventional bike, in that you peddle and the wheels turn; the vital and ingenious difference is that they also have a rechargeable battery engine to help you on your way. This enables you to go faster, go further and to travel over terrain that on a traditional bike would be rather challenging. They’re also great if your group has varying levels of ability and are a useful leveller of the young and old as well as being great fun! EUROLATINO, together with TURISMO SENDA ANDINA, have bought e-biking to Latin America and in doing so, have created the perfect active holiday.

Lagunas Trip

A perfect example of a classic, and very popular, e-biking tour, is the Lagunas Trip. The 3-day, 2-night tour picks you up from Uyuni airport (which you can reach by flying to La Paz or Santa Cruz and then transferring to Uyuni) and takes you on a breath-taking e-biking tour of the world’s largest salt flats. Highlights of the tour, and there are many, include: visiting the train cemetery, the indigenous village of Colchani, seeing the first hotel built entirely from salt (no you won’t stay there, it’s now a museum!), visiting the island of Sajchilla with its thousand-year-old cactuses, visiting the active volcano Ollague, visiting Laguna Colorada with its geysers and hot springs, and finally, watching the sunset over the salt desert; a totally unforgettable experience.

The distances covered on the tour are relatively large and it’s a moderately challenging tour so there is some flexibility depending on the comfort levels of the group. This is a tour for the discerning traveller who also loves adventure; so, your accommodation is a comfortable 4-star hotel, when you’re not e-biking, you are driven in a luxurious 4×4 vehicle and your meals are all provided for you.


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