A World First: A Luxury Boutique Hotel, That’s Crowdfunded


Unless you have had your head in the clouds or have been living on the moon for the past few years, the concept of crowdfunding has probably crossed your radar, you may even be a converted crowdfunder. Well now, hot off the press, we’ve heard that it’s time for the luxury travel market to share in the excitement of the crowdfunding trend!

A World First

This is an entirely new and utterly fabulous way to fund a hotel. Why should technology, movies, and fashion have all the fun? Us luxury travelers would like a piece of the crowdfunding action too, please! Now Amberlair is set to be the world’s first crowdfunded boutique hotel. In short: pledge now, give your opinions (or not), and then stay for a discounted rate – what could be simpler! This could entirely redefine the hospitality industry and you have the fantastic opportunity to be involved from the very start.

Why Crowdfund?

Funding a new hotel is not cheap and to make a truly amazing hotel from scratch involves serious money. This is why so many of the new hotels tend to be replicas of each other, more often than not they are very-similar resorts that are often backed by faceless chains. The independent, boutique hotels are so often where the more special, unique experiences are to be had. Luxury travelers like us, know exactly what we expect in a boutique hotel and yet far too often feel like our needs and wants are ignored; well no more! Amberlair’s founders recognize the importance of involving boutique hotel customers from day 1. To get the hotel that you really want. And what better way to get that involvement than with crowdfunding.

Who and Where are Amberlair?

The founders of Amberlair, Hamburg-based couple Marcus & Kristin, both have solid backgrounds in the travel industry and were inspired on this path after traveling the world together and realizing that by tapping into the knowledge of avid travelers they had the chance to create something quite special. They have found a stunning site in Puglia in Southern Italy where there are beautiful historic buildings to renovate as well as space to build. The current project allows for 60 rooms and the doors are set to open to the general public in 2020. Even the location and the name were both chosen by community backers; a genuine testament to the founders’ passion for crowd contributions.

Why Should I Pledge?

In addition to the very major benefit of receiving discounted hotel stays, you get to be involved in the development of the hotel. What facilities would you like? What kind of room service do you prefer? Would you like a spa? What should be done with the old birdhouse located in front of the villa? These and many other questions will be put to the community of backers for their creative input. This means that the guests shape the hotel before its doors are opened rather than having to tweak and fiddle later – much more efficient and much more likely to get a fabulous end result. As well as discounted stays, you’ll also be able to exchange your pledges for visits to the site during the construction and meetings with the founders in London to discuss design details; quite simply you can be as involved as you wish if you’d rather just sit back and watch the process that’s fine too. Just make sure you book your stay in 2020!


A date for your diary time! Amberlair’s round 1 crowdfunding campaign debuts on IndieGogo on October 17th, 2017! All you need to do is follow the link below, check out the campaign on IndieGogo and enter your pledge. The campaign will last for 30 days so make sure you don’t miss out on this unique opportunity. Regular readers will know that we love a first at Luxury Travel Diary and this is certainly that!


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