If you collect British Airways Frequent Flyer Avios points for spending on flights from credit cards or supermarkets like Tesco, it is worth knowing what an Avios point is worth, so that you can put a value on the points that you are collecting.

I have already written an article outlining my opinions on how much an Avios air mile is worth, but before writing about the 10 best cheap ways to buy Avios points, I decided to revisit my own redemptions.

My purchase today was a one-way flight booked into Club Europe which is the British Airways European Business Class, using Avios points from London Heathrow to Nice in France and here are my findings:

Cost of the flight was 27,000 points + £75 one way for 3 people in Business (Club Europe) which I prefer as there is more space between your seat and your neighbour (the middle seat is converted into an additional table) and you get access to the Galleries North or Galleries South Lounge at London Heathrow Terminal 5.

The lowest price for the same flight in Business Class is £309 per person, a total of £926.10 for three, which values my Avios at 0.0315; around 3p.

If I was flying out of Gatwick, where there is also a very good British Airways Business Lounge for those flying in Business Class, the flight would have cost me £1,302.30 in Business Class which would put my point valuation at a massive 0.0482; almost 5p.

How does this compare in Economy?

The same outbound flight in August would cost me 13,500 Avios and £52.50 (which includes one piece of hold baggage and seat selection) for 3 people. If I paid, my flights would cost me £272.30 from Gatwick in Economy Plus (where you get a piece of hold luggage and seat choice included) and £319.10 from Heathrow in Economy Plus.

This Economy flight would value my Avios at 0.01628 from Gatwick and £0.0236 from Heathrow.

I investigated the same scenario in February with the same flight to Nice from London Gatwick and London Heathrow.

Both flights cost 27,000 points + £75 one way for 3 people in Business.
Both flights cost 13,500 points + £52.50 one way for 3 people in Economy.

Business Heathrow to Nice costs £764.10 (Avios value 0.0255).
Economy Plus Heathrow to Nice costs £328.10 (Avios value 0.0204).

Business Gatwick to Nice costs £1152.30 (Avios value 0.0399).
Economy Gatwick to Nice costs £215.30 (Avios value 0.0121).

Previously I have valued Avios at around £0.01 but following calculations from my next two trips, I can quite happily value them at £0.025 if I spend them on Business Class flights within Europe or £0.012-0.023 in Economy. If I average out these valuations as I tend to travel out of London in Business and back in Economy (to see why, read my article is Club Europe worth it) a fair valuation of what an Avios is worth for me is £0.02.

I collect Avios using my Starwood American Express Credit Card where I get Earn 1 SPG point per £1 spent. which I value at £0.03. Transfer 20,000 SPG in bulk and you will get 25,000 Avios which includes a 5,000 bonus of Avios. At my Avios valuation of £0.02, 20,000 SPG gets me £500 of Avios valuing the SPG that I convert to Avios at £0.025 per SPG.

The Starwood Amex card has a £75 annual fee but you get 11,000 SPG FREE (which is worth £275 in Avios or equates to 33,000 Marriott Rewards) on a £2,000 spend via my referral link.

For High Street shopping it is worth considering applying for a Curve Card where you can free cashback for applying and an additional 3% cashback on shopping at places like M&S and Argos. You can combine this card with a MasterCard or Visa Credit card to double-up on points.

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