Ripa & Ripa: Men’s Swim Shorts Made In Italy


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Anna Laura Hoefer and Oliviero Muzi Falconi are the co-founders of one of Italy’s first brands to challenge men’s swimwear as we know it.

Ripa & Ripa was born when Oliviero was looking for a new pair of swim shorts in Milan and decided to spend an afternoon going through stores. All of the shorts he found felt too synthetic, were covered in either sharks or penguins and made him feel like he was wearing a parachute.

Neither Anna nor Oliviero knew much about swimwear at the time, but Oliviero had a good idea of how he wanted them to look, so they took a car and drove around Italy’s textile districts looking for someone who could make some swimwear for us. A few months later, they had boxes with over 500 shorts in them stacked at Anna’s flat in Navigli. All these swim shorts solved the sea-parachute problem.

The name Ripa & Ripa originates from the area of Milan called Ripa di Porta Ticinese in the Navigli area near where Anna lived. Oli had a terrace on Via Ripamonti. Hence the name.

Anna and Oliviero are proud to have created a product that people really love. They have many customers who buy three pairs of shorts every summer and send them pictures! Ripa & Ripa is being sold in some of the most up-market stores in Europe, like La Rinascente in Milan.

Ripa & Ripa is made in Italy, using small producers – from rope manufacturers to fabric printers. Each offer Italian passion and conviction that is passed on through their products.

It is a very special moment to walk on the beach and see guys wearing their swim shorts. It’s happening quite a lot lately.

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