Travel luxury has diminished over the past few decades. While many of us still use our vacations as the ultimate escape, spending hard earned money and months planning to ensure the best experience, there are disconnects when we actually begin our excursions. Paying for suitcases on flights; dragging luggage around airports, train stations, and in and out of Ubers; trying to find a laundry in a foreign city; and even constantly worrying if you will have enough fresh, clean clothes – all of these moments of reality push their way into the dreams of our fantasy vacations.

But a new product on the market eliminates all of these issues, and allows for easy, light, and unburdened travel from a weekend jaunt to a month-long excursion.

Freshback is a new laundry treatment that uses only food-grade, all-natural products to eliminate body odour and sour smells from clothing and linens for one year, with only one application. Freshback has amazing new science behind its technology and has been real-world tested with brutal tests on everything from all type of clothes and bath towels to athletic specialty wear and gear. And for those of you who are worried about germs, the beauty of Freshback is that it actually kills germs, so your clothes get cleaner while they sit in your suitcase and while you wear them!

Freshback is the only product that lets you stay body-odour-free during and after wear or any kind of activity. It is available as a machine wash kit which is perfect for day-to-day outfits, compression clothing, delicate items and sport & outdoor specialty wear and gear. It suits all type of fabrics and colours, new and used garments and does not change the feel of fabrics or affect their technical qualities.

There is something so freeing about knowing that a week-long adventure to even the hottest and most elegant of places can be achieved with only a small duffle bag and a toiletries case. Checking in for an airline becomes a breeze; once you disembark from the plane, you don’t have to wait for checked bags, and can simply grab and Uber and be on your way; unpacking and packing is a snap with only a few items to worry about; and, you never have to worry about a laundry or worry about how fresh your clothes are.

Freshback Outdoor Machine Wash Kit is available online at with special discounts. Stay fresh all day, every day.

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