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Flight Review: Euro Traveller Economy On British Airways In Europe


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In this trip report, I review short-haul Euro Traveller or Economy seats and cabin on my flight within Europe on an Airbus A320 from London Heathrow to Nice. British Airways offers a fairly consistent Economy offering throughout Europe, meaning that whatever your destination within Europe is if you are traveling in Euro Traveller, your experience will be similar to the below.

The seating in BA Economy on their Airbus A320 is pretty tightly packed in a 3×3 arrangement behind the BA Club Europe Business Class which we’ve also reviewed.

At 5’7”, even I find the economy seating cramped. If you are bigger, I recommend selecting an aisle seat where you can at least stretch your legs out during your flight, except for when the trolley passes by. The BA Business class seats at the front of the plane are no different, except that the middle seat is converted into an extra table, so by angling yourself, you have much more leg room as well as room for your laptop and papers.

I have reviewed the British Airways M&S food and drink menu that you can buy on board, which is fine but not noteworthy.

In my opinion, the best seats in the Economy cabin are the ones directly behind the Business Class as you can exit the plane more quickly on arrival. Also, if you are in an aisle seat, your seat is less likely to be knocked about by passing traffic than it is by the curtain. This becomes an issue as you get closer to the toilet at the back, particularly if you are trying to sleep.

The two exit rows have more space (legroom) than the other seats in the cabin, so they are a good choice. I prefer window seats, but you are boxed in by 2 other passengers if you choose a window seat. Aisle seats are the best choice for larger passengers, and everyone should avoid the middle seats. These are the worth seats in the BA European Economy cabin with no view and no space.

I like flying British Airways because the pilots keep you up-to-date with conditions throughout the flight, and the air hosts and hostesses tend to be good (particularly in Business, where they make the time for a chat). The Euro Traveller experience is not noteworthy, although I always choose it over rock-bottom competitors like Easyjet.

We have also reviewed a number of British Airways First Class flights and British Airways Business Class flights. British Airways also features in our 5 best airlines to fly to Europe in Business Class.

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