The Chapar: For Men Who Love Clothes But Loathe Shopping


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The Chapar is a clothes delivery service for men who love clothes but loathe shopping. I made an order for my husband not because I loathe shopping, but because, when it gets close to his birthday, I rarely find the time to trawl through shop after shop, rail after rail, trying to find something that he might like.

In truth, I understand his style, but I am still never quite sure what to pick. Don’t remind me of the year when I bought him an array of linen shirts that he looks gorgeous in but that never wears because they “aren’t quite me”. Since then I am so fearful of making the wrong decision, that when I do brave Selfridges, I leave frustrated and with nothing.

The Chapar has been my saviour. It saves time and pain. The process is simple. Fill out your size, speak to a stylist and voila, within days you have a box of clothes that you DO like. Best of all, you only pay for what you want to keep. Both delivery and collection are free, you simply pay for the clothes you like. Keep nothing, pay for nothing, simple as that.

So my husband has a Californian “Valley look”, casual but designer, mainly jeans and casual tops. The box that came through had a great selection of items; An awesome Ralph Lauren Jacket, perfect for looking stylish but staying protected from the great British drizzle. There were some super sweaters and t-shirts that fitted really well and were just the kind of brands he loves. There were also some “Glastonbury” jeans and some cool sneakers.

He didn’t keep everything, but that is the point of The Chapar. You have a lovely box of clothes delivered to your doorstep, full of stuff you probably want. Everything is the right size and style. You will probably like most of it and love about a third of it enough to keep. At least that was our experience. The rest will go back no fuss and I you can feedback to the stylist (although you don’t have to) before you order your next box. I will be ordering ours in January for Spring inspiration.

Two other things I liked about The Chapar were that the clothing was very clearly costed up, so you know what each item in your trunk costs and can then make an informed decision. Our selection was all reasonably priced mid-range designer clothing; Ralph Lauren, Gant, Hackett, Tommy Hilfiger etc. Each item seemed fair value for what it was, with t-shirts coming in around £40 GBP, Jumpers and Shirts at around £100 GBP, Jeans £80 GBP and the Jacket at £200 GBP.

I also liked the small bottle of complimentary scotch whisky which came in the box. A partnership with Haig Club and a nice touch.

the Chapar is perfect if you are looking for inspiration, but are not quite sure what to buy or what you need. Equally, for those of us who are super busy and prefer to browse the whole shop from your home (including trying things on without the stress of being in a store and being subjected to a sales pitch), it really is a rather clever idea.

The Chapar

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