Top 4 Best Multi-Tasking Travel Items

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We are always on the lookout for travel accessories at Luxury Travel Diary. Anything that makes our travels easier and more comfortable works for us. Multi-tasking items always come top of this list as if we can take one item rather than two or three, that makes our suitcase lighter and gives more room for shoes! Read on for some of our favourite multi-tasking travel items…


This very clever product is an insect repellent and a fine fragrance in one. It comes in two forms and to be honest, we love both; choose from a fragrance for your body or a candle. I always like to take a candle on my travels as it’s my number one way to make a hotel room feel homely, well now my candle also works a double magic and I don’t have to pack my trusty insect repellent plug-in! The fragrances have an atomizer application, are TSA friendly and there are over 700 sprays in each 50ml bottle.

There are two scents which have been carefully formulated by the finest fragrance houses with the highest quality ingredients; the original fragrance is a zesty blend of silken vanilla, warm cedarwood and exotic orange and Aromaflage® Wild has notes of spicy cardamom, warm cedarwood and snappy spruce and is very much a spa like scent. The botanical fragrances double as an insect repellent, naturally repelling mosquitos, and are free of deet, chemicals and parabens. The combination of essential oil and alcohol mixture creates a shield around the skin which discourages mosquitoes from landing on your skin. The range has been found to be as effective as Deet over 2.5 hours! The fragrances have also been rigorously tested at one of the world’s leading Universities and found to be as effective at repelling mosquitoes as the leading brand so you can have confidence that this product will do the job with grace and beauty.

These fragrances with function are ideal for the discerning traveller and are perfect for summer, travels, and outdoor activities. It’s not just us that loves this multi-tasking product either, it’s been featured in Good Housekeeping, Vanity Fair, Vogue and The New York Times and it’s one of Oprah Winfrey’s favourite products according to O Magazine! Keep an eye on the range too, they’ve recently added a new line which smells beautiful and aids sleep!

Barracuda Collapsible Carry-On Luggage Case

You really can’t get more innovative with your carry-on luggage than the Barracuda. As well as being your trusty luggage, the case multi-tasks as a USB charger and a little table for your laptop and drinks! The charger has a 10,000 mAh battery pack so has a decent capacity that can charge the majority of phones five times over. The laptop and drinks tray is so handy when you’re in the airport; it safely holds two drinks and you can work in comfort while you wait for your flight. It’s also collapsible so can be flattened right down taking up much less storage space when not in use than more conventional cases. The features list just carries on!.. The funky handle rotates a full 360° and can be locked in one of six positions, saving your wrists, there’s a portable digital scale so you can check your case is within weight limits and it also includes a proximity sensor to alert you when your Barracuda arrives at the baggage carousel!

Tramps Fashion Compression Hosiery

As well as being trendy tights, this multi-tasking product, Tramps Fashion Compression Hosiery, takes care of your circulation and legs on flights. A wonderful alternative to compression socks, this a new line of compression hosiery comes in a wide range of fabulous colours and prints. There are seven different styles, choose from open-toe designs, a hip hugger and yes, even the trusty knee or thigh high sock, though looking this fab you certainly won’t want to take them off when you land!

Chameleon Swap Top Flip Flops

Why pack several pairs of flip flops when you could take just one? Just one that can be worn several ways with the Chameleon Swap Top Flip Flop’s innovative swap top flip flops! Don’t worry you’ll still have plenty of different looks on holiday to match every outfit and you’ll have a whole lot more space for extra outfits too with this clever multi-taking product. The flip flops come with one sole which has handy loops on to allow you thread different coloured laces through, to match each and every of your summer outfits. You can create more than 100 styles with just one pair of sandals! From bling to classic chic, you can personalise your own style in one pair of shoes.

ThermalStrike Luggage

ThermalStrike Luggage tackle an extremely unpleasant element of travelling; bed bugs! They act as excellent luggage while having the second function of featuring an innovative heat treatment that totally eliminates bed bugs in all life stages. Common in nice hotels too, make sure to thoroughly inspect anywhere that you stay but also, it’s important to be vigilant on your return. Bed bugs are very easy to transport back home in clothing and cases and traditional approaches of washing, drying and vacuuming your cases are pretty ineffective. The range includes both a 20-inch carry-on and a 24-inch upright, they are lightweight and durable luggage and have spinner wheels which offer 360-degree rotation and superior balance. The cases feature aluminium telescoping trolley handles with 3 adjustable heights for optimum control and manoeuvrability, so as well as giving you bug-free global travel, they are decent cases too! The cases employ built-in heat treatment with integrated, ultra-thin infrared heating panels that reach over 120-degrees Fahrenheit / 49 degrees Celsius to destroy all bed bugs. This solution is infinitely more effective than hoovering or even than using chemicals as there can be no hiding places from the heat. The technology is safe to touch and won’t damage your belongings, the heat is evenly distributed throughout the case so there are no hot spots which could harm the contents or indeed, cold spots, where the bugs could hide and survive. Make sure that the only things that you bring back from your travels are photos, memories and the odd souvenir – just souvenirs bought in that lovely little gift shop, not ones with lots of legs!

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