Naughton Braun Pearl Jewelry


My mother had a pearl necklace when I was young. As a child, I loved to stroke the smooth silky surface of the pearls. Even now, I find that there is something utterly comforting, in stroking those same shiny pearls around my own neck.

Naughton Braun specialises in beautiful freshwater pearl jewelry. They not only sell exquisite jewelry, but also work to empower women at every stage of the design, development, production, import, distribution, and marketing processes.

Particular favourites of mine include the Odette Anthology pearl necklace which you can wear as a symbol of love. We love the 30 unique and uneven potato pearls (my new favourite pearl as every one is different) and the sparkly swan pendant with a huge draping single biawa pearl hanging off the bottom.

We also love the simple South Beach necklace with a single solitary pearl presented simply on a finely woven chain of Sterling silver.

Naughton Braun have a proprietary relationship with a pearl family where they are able to reliably obtain the finest in freshwater pearls, many of which are not typically available in the US market. Examples of atypical pearls they offer include the extra-large Keshi pearls (Peachtree Street) or the exceptional biawas found in the Annapolis.

Most US/Canadian based pearl companies primarily offer single or multi-strand freshwater or akoya pearls, while Naughton Braun has opted to pursue a different course, showcasing their real pearls with semi-precious gems and stones in trend-setting combinations: “reimagined classics”. While we all love and still occasionally wear our Grandmother’s pearls, Naughton Braun has opted to go beyond the classic high school photo pearls and offer Women understated elegance with styles that will themselves also become classics.

All designs are based on current jewelry trends or recent runway exhibitions and each piece is handcrafted by skilled Women artisans which then undergo two quality assurance checks before shipment. Most of their pieces feature hand-knotted silk in complementary or contrasting colors for additional visual impact.

Since Naughton Braun handles all the steps typically associated in the jewelry industry with a myriad of middlemen, their prices are considerably lower and the quality considerably higher! In addition, they highly recommend that customers obtain an independent gemologist report for appraisal purposes. Every one of our customers who have done that have reported back that the appraisal values are 40-100% higher than what they paid for the piece.

In addition, all of their jewelry is named after places. The inspiration comes from Their travel pic board of places they have been, or from Instagram @Naughton Braun or from their Dreamin Places Pinterest board of places that they hope to visit one day.


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