Mr Bitcoin: The Man That Travels The World For Free


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“Mr Bitcoin” is a man that invested $3,000 in Bitcoin in October 2010. He paid just over $0.15 per Bitcoin, giving him slightly under 20,000. He did not expect much of a return, it was a very long shot.

By 2013 he couldn’t believe how quickly his investment was appreciating; “It started rising by 10% or more every day”. When the price hit $350, he sold 2,000 of his early stock; when the price hit $800, he sold 2,000 more. The following week he quit his job and left on a round-the-world trip.

You can read more about this story on Mr Bitcoin (not his real name) has apparently accrued $25 million in profits so far and has been travelling the world ever since. According to Forbes,he still has a balance of 1,000.00 BTC, worth over $4 million as of 19th August 2017 (which has almost doubled in value since Forbes released their article on the 7th July).

Is Mr Bitcoin selling? “When the price reaches $150,000… I really do think it will get there… But a lot of governments and companies will have to be on board, first. No amount of speculation in the world will push it that high.”

Should Everyone Buy Bitcoin?

If the Bitcoin man is right, and a $16,000 investment today will eventually grow to $150,000, then you do the math. Some commentators such as Louis Basenese on The Daily Reckoning go as far as urging their readers to seize this historic opportunity.

If you decide to invest in Bitcoin (the price has dropped massively since Christmas) and if you have faith in these predictions; the Director of Payal, this millionaire and this expert all predicting that Bitcoin will be worth $150,000 in a year or two, then there is still a chance to make a quick buck!

If you do decide to buy Bitcoin, make sure you set it up using a coinbase referral link like mine. Once you buy or sell $100 USD (£76) of digital currency or more, you will get $10 USD (£7) of free Bitcoin (as will your referrer, which on the link above would be me). To the moon…

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