Travel Tip: How To Prevent Economy Class Syndrome (ECS)


Sitting for long hours on aeroplane trips can affect blood circulation to your legs and cause Economy Class Syndrome (ECS). Wearing compression hose or socks during long plane trips can help.

Economy class syndrome (ECS) is the pooling of blood or formation of blood clots in the legs caused by sitting still for during a long aeroplane flight. Other factors contributing to ECS are lower oxygen pressure and dehydration. The aeroplane cabin often lacks enough oxygen which decreases the level of oxygen in the blood. The cabin may also lack enough humidity which contributes to dehydration. Drinking coffee, tea or alcoholic drinks onboard also causes a person to lose fluids and become dehydrated.

ECS doesn’t just happen to folks in economy class. It is recommended that all airline travellers, whether booked on first, business or economy class, to drink plenty of fluids and protect their legs by moving and wearing compression hose and socks.

Wearing compression hose or socks offers health benefits, not only to prevent ECS but worn during work, play, exercise or rest, they benefit young and old.

Brands like Tramps Fashion Compression Hosiery offers compression function which will help to minimize ECS. TRAMPS also offers FASHION with an array of bright colors, modern jacquard patterns and styles for today’s modern fashion savvy traveller. The compression hosiery/sock market has seen its days of drab grandma support hose looks. TRAMPS offer light to medium medical-grade compression without needing a prescription from your doctor. TRAMPS also offer great new features such as an open-toe design to prevent toe disfigurement caused by too much compression in the toe area, engineered panels that lift and shape the buttocks, breathable fabric that keeps legs cool. TRAMPS Fashion Compression Hosiery styles include BRYANNA, a high waist feature which shapes the midsection without rolling or cinching. JOCELYNNE, hip-hugger which is designed to wear under hip-hugger jeans or skirts and EMILY maternity style, that is designed with a panty panel that expands and self adjusts as expecting mothers belly grows. TRAMPS also has a thigh-high style and a knee-high style, for quick “on and off” ease of wear. Necessity is the Mother of Invention. Tramps was created by Alex Reyes, a long-time hairdresser who has to wear support hose but couldn’t find them in fashionable colors or styles so she created her own!

So, there’s no excuse for not taking preventative steps to protect your health.

Here are Six Reasons Why You Should Be Wearing Compression Hosiery:

  • Healthy Blood Flow. Compression hosiery or socks are garments which compress the limbs, reducing the diameter of distended veins and causing an increase in healthy blood flow to the heart
  • Heart Valve Effectiveness. Increased blood flow to the heart triggers stronger heart valve activity
  • Balance Oxygen Levels in the Blood. An increase in blood circulation helps oxygen levels balance body function more naturally without chemicals or drug intake
  • Prevents Swelling, Blood Pooling, Blood Clots. Wearing compression hosiery dramatically prevents swelling in the legs as well as the risk of blood pooling or blood clots
  • Prevents Spider and Varicose Veins. Wearing compression hosiery dramatically decreases the risk of developing unsightly spider or varicose veins
  • New Lines of Modern, Colorful and Fashionable Compression Hose Available. Brands like Tramps Fashion Compression Hosiery now offer beautiful, fashionable medical-grade compression hose, without a doctor’s prescription

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