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If you are ever worried about security when you are away, the Y-cam is an ideal solution, giving your peace of mind and also a 24/7 view of your house so that you can check that your house is still standing in real time!

It’s a common worry, what, or who, is happening to your house when you are not there and if you’ve ever been burgled while you’re on holiday (as I have) it’s horrible to not be able to see exactly what you have to deal with on your return. Y-cam effectively doubles your security while you are away on those luxury travels; with the award-winning Evo camera and the Protect alarm you have twice the security just when you need it the most.

With Y-cam Evo you can see, hear or replay video footage on demand from your smartphone or tablet giving your complete visibility of your property. You can set motion zones as you require to capture movement in key entrance areas and receive instant alerts day or night if motion is detected. The live action is great, but don’t underestimate the value of the replay option either; police rely Police rely heavily on private CCTV footage to help catch and convict criminals.

The Protect DIY alarm system gives you total control over your alarm so you can arm and disarm remotely using Y-cam’s free iOS and Android app through your smartphone or tablet. Those instant alerts are vital here too, should the alarm sound, you’ll be told immediately so you can take action straight away. Y-cam Protect has a secure communication line to the outside world which is monitored 24/7 using cloud technology; this is vital, as if the line is broken, you are told – one in five burglars attempt to cut communication lines before they break into your property so knowing that this has happened gives you the power to stop the burglary as it’s happening. The system includes Triple Layer™ Security so if your internet connection is down or you have a power cut, your system still remains fully operational.

These power of using these products together cannot be underestimated; how many times do we ignore burglar alarms because we assume that they are false alarms (and in over 94% of the time they genuinely are false alarms so it’s not surprising that we’ve become conditioned to not act), the use of the camera allows you to check and be confident of exactly what is going on in your home when that alarm sounds and you’re not there.

Y-cam Solutions have been a leader in smart home security since 2007. They are a British technology company who specialise in home security and cloud-based security cameras for the non-technical consumer.

The setup of both products is simple and hassle free and is designed for non-techies, so you can get both the Evo camera and the Protect alarm monitoring your house in minutes. The Y-cam gives you the ultimate peace of mind; leaving you to get down to the much more serious business of enjoying your travels!


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