Luxury Venice Simplon Orient Express To Offer Ensuites In 2018


Did you know that if none of the cabins that you can currently book into the ultra luxury Venice Simplon Orient Express have en suite facilities? Belmond have made a faithful recreation of the Venice Simplon Orient Express which means travelling on board is an experience exactly as it would have been in the 1920s. This means no air conditioning, no ensuite toilet or shower in your room and the heating in your cabin is powered by a traditional coal stove at the end of each carriage.

Each of the cabins does have a small vanity unit with basin, but you must use the shared toilet facilities at the end of each carriage. And for showering? Forget it; there are currently no baths or showers aboard the Venice Simplon Orient Express. I will be honest. For me, the thought of tottering down the hall to use shared facilities in the middle of the night reminds me of my backpacking teens and is something that I believe a luxury traveller should now have to endure.

But fear not. Belmond has just revealed the design of three new Grand Suites to be added in 2018 to its iconic Venice Simplon-Orient-Express. Each of the suites will have a double/twin bedroom, a living area – which includes a dining area and a sofa that can be converted into an additional bed – as well as an en suite bathroom with shower, washbasin and toilet. Yes, there it is; you can now book onto the Orient Express and enjoy the luxury of your own toilet and shower!

Like the rest of the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, the interior designs of the new rooms (pictured above) will stay true to the train’s opulent historical style. The carriages will be furnished individually, from Italian Baroque-style silk and glass lamps in the Venice suite to hand-carved timber and lavish metal details in the Istanbul Suite. Grand Suites will also include a dedicated steward, bespoke amenities, complimentary caviar on arrival and free flow champagne during the journey.

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