Fly To Europe In Business Class From $650


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These super cheap flights to Europe and back were originally spotted by Gary who writes View From The Wing.

The airline you will travel on is La Compagnie which offers 100% Business Class seats in its planes. These are more like 1980’s Business Class with spacious angled seats rather than lie flat seats. That said, the prices really are extraordinary.

To take advantage of the $912 round-trip rate you need to be a kid and travelling from Paris. Flights starting in the US from New York start at $1,300 for an adult which is just $650 each way and $1,000 for a child round-trip.

You fly into Paris in Europe and, as the advertising campaign says, can take your kids to see the Eiffel Tower. Or hop across to London on Easyjet for pennies if you prefer. With the British Pound so low, you might cover your flight prices by stocking up on cheap clothes!

When travelling the other way, Paris to the US, prices are even cheaper starting at 800€ which is about $912, for a round-trip child’s fare and 1000€ for an adult fare.

It is worth reading my tips on how to find really cheap First or Business Class flight tickets to and from North America for a way to save money on your next First, Business and even Premium Economy flight booking.

An alternative way to book cheap business class fares to Europe can be found on Norwegian that has Premium Economy seats that are marginally worse than La Compagnie Business Class, but very much better than Premium Economy on competitor Airlines. Norwegian wins in my top 10 best Premium Economy Airline listing and is a great option for those travelling to Europe for leisure as their fares are so much cheaper than “proper” Business Class.

I have also reviewed the best American Airline has the best Business Class.

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