Concorde 2 To Travel Between New York & London In Just Three Hours

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Concorde 2, which is being developed by NASA, is in the process of solving the problems of supersonic flight and consequently will increase the speed of journeys for future passengers. The Concorde 2 expected to travel between New York and London in just three hours.

Sonic boom is, however, a major problem with supersonic jets. Concorde was originally banned by Congress as it was commercially not viable. It also produced thunderous noise upsetting people on the ground, disturbing livestock, leading to physical problems to materials and houses underneath.

Concorde 2 is set to solve the problems of Sonic boom as the plane can fly up to 55,000 feet, much higher than normal planes, and will make a sound of 60 decibels, which is much less than the 90 decibels thrown out by the original Concorde and similar to the sound from a car on the motorway.

Peter Coen, project manager for NASA’s commercial supersonic research team said that there will be full-sized versions of the Concorde 2 planes by as early as 2022.

Supersonic Aircraft companies Spike Aerospace, Aerion and Airbus have also proposed transatlantic plans for their Supersonic passenger aircraft and we can share some interesting pictures of the proposed interiors of these supersonic jets.

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