Summer Essentials For Luxury Travel

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Summer feels like it is here today and in celebration, I share my latest essentials for a summer of Luxury Travel.

Burberry Lipsticks

Burberry is one of my favourite brands for clothing (they make some particularly beautiful coats) bags and makeup. My current favourite is the Burberry Kisses lipstick. I like the idea behind this lipstick which was to promote love through the kiss. The lipstick is hydrating and lasts so is ideal for the beach

Buddha Boxers- Care for Your Environment

I always like a Kickstarter successes and Buddha Boxers combine excellent quality underwear with sustainability by using bamboo viscose. Unlike cotton, bamboo doesn’t need any irrigation water, fertilisers, pesticides, or other chemicals to thrive. The carbon footprint of Buddha Boxers is much smaller than traditional cotton or synthetic underwear.

Buddha Boxers gets its sustainability from the Bamboo viscose used in its production and which as the added benefit of being much more breathable and moisture absorbent than cotton. Its ability to circulate air has been particularly popular with travellers who are looking for comfortable clothes for long journeys and hot climates.

“Most people don’t realise how bad cotton is for the environment. It takes 2000 litres of water, and a lot of chemicals to grow enough cotton for a pair of men’s underwear”, Buddha Boxers founder, Jason Spitkoski said. These boxers can be worn without guilt.

Wear these and plant a few trees to offset the carbon from your latest flight and you can enjoy your summer.

KEEN lightweight hikers

I already shared how much I love KEEN boots for winter. For summer, they have designed some excellent trainers for adventure-seeking women. The KEEN Terradora is a women’s specific athletic hiking shoe. Inspired by KEEN’s brand new workout category, TrailFit the Terradora is a shoe built to bridge women’s’ needs between the gym and the mountain, the backcountry and the city. TrailFit is all about modern adventure fitness – a dynamic space under the sky where women can pursue a healthy, active lifestyle, from urban boot camps through to fast paced walking challenges. Yep this is the perfect shoe for an active summer wherever you are.

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