Is Private Jet Charter The New First Class?


Private jets are often thought of as the ultimate in air travel and, thus, only accessible to the elite few. While there is definitely a feeling of exclusivity when flying private air, the trips are often surprisingly affordable, with benefits that you can’t find on a commercial flight.

You Get What You Pay For

A private jet is likely more expensive than a first-class ticket, unless you are with a group that can share the cost, but the experience itself is priceless. Private jet charter companies like Omni Air Transport provide a 24-hour scheduling hotline, flights ready for take-off with less than two hours’ notice, direct flights to your destination and minimal-to-no wait time to board the aircraft.

The Importance Of Time

If you calculate the cost of your time, especially for travel during the business week, it really adds up. The wonderful benefit of avoiding airport security, layovers and other time-wasting hassles is huge! Private aviation airport security is astonishingly quick and efficient. The absence of those dreaded queues and hours spent waiting in lounges is very refreshing, and time-efficient!

Flexibility Is Key

The flexibility of travelling by private jet simply cannot be matched by commercial airlines: You fly from and to exactly where you need to go, exactly when you need to go. If your meeting runs late or you spend a few extra minutes on the beach, you simply contact your pilots to let them know that you’re running late. The irritation of missing your flight doesn’t exist.

Private jets are also perfect for an unexpected business trip or spontaneous vacation. It’s much easier to arrange a last-minute trip with a private jet than to scour the web in search of an affordable seat on a busy commercial flight. The package and luggage options are also flexible. Carry-on restrictions are non-existent, and you can bring your favourite snacks and beverages or have them waiting for you when you arrive. You can even have catering and car service arranged when you charter with companies like Omni Air Transport.

Privacy Is A Privilege

There’s something to be said for knowing exactly who you will be travelling with on any given flight. When you fly private, you choose your travelling companion, which eliminates the potential discomfort of sitting next to someone you’d rather not. This means there aren’t any crying babies or rowdy passengers unless you bring them! This is even more relevant when you need quiet time with your co-travellers, like time to have a preparation meeting or just spend more time with family.

The Experience Is Just For You

Commercial airlines are desperately trying to increase onboard comfort and, to be fair, they have come a long way. But they just don’t compare to the amenities, hospitality and experience of flying on a private jet. From in-flight catering to state-of-the-art entertainment systems, today’s private jet has it all. Every detail of your trip is uniquely yours.

To experience the benefits of flying private air for yourself, Omni Air Transport offers the luxury, personalized experience you desire. Professional charter scheduling and support is available around the clock, and a staff of highly-trained pilots are available to fly you wherever you want to go with just two hours’ notice. In-flight catering, ground transportation scheduling, hotel reservations and more are included to give you total peace of mind during your travels. Omni even provides you with a complimentary vehicle detail while you are away!

Omni has been operating since 1983, flies more than 800 private charter flights each year, and has a full portfolio of state-of-the-art, impeccably maintained, modern aircraft capable of carrying up to fourteen passengers. Plus, they offer a SkyPass Private Jet Charter Membership with exclusive and personalized benefits for frequent travellers. Omni also offers full-service aircraft brokerage and management for those who are ready to invest in their own private jet.

Omni Air Transport

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