Isolated Resorts – The Next Big Thing In Luxury Travel


Luxury is subjective and personal, but last month, MyTravelResearch conducted a webinar on emerging luxury travel trends. In it, they identified scarcity as a factor that determines what luxury is. They used the example of 1980’s Soviet Russia, when bananas were so scarce that they cost more than caviar. When items are scarce, they are usually considered a luxury.

Today, everyone has access to the internet, many have the latest gadget and can occasionally pay to enjoy the finest in dining, so the banana of luxury travel in 2017 is, according to Skift, isolation.

For some luxury travellers, a unique luxury hotel or resort stay is no longer enough. Luxury travellers want to be remote, where silence, solitude, space definitine of luxury. Of course, the luxury traveller also needs to remain connected with Wi-Fi. If you can afford 2 weeks at a remote resort or on a private island, you most likely need to keep in touch with staff members or need to keep an eye on your investments (or perhaps the Bitcoin trading that has afforded you that escape)

I have picked 6 completely amazing and totally remote retreats which will indulge even the most luxury of luxury traveller, whilst still offering creature comforts and connectivity.

10 Of The Best Isolated Resorts

Best Wilderness Retreats In The World: Amangiri, The Desert, Utah

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Experience the earth’s beauty at its most basic form in this red-rock, rugged desert-scape. Beyond the few pine-clad mountains, there’s little vegetation in this vast arid region. The unique rock formations have been sculpted by time, water and wind. Visit… Read More.

Hacienda & Ecolodge Morgan’s Rock Review, Playa Ocotal

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Hacienda & Ecolodge Morgan’s Rock is located on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua, on the edge of a 4,000 acre expanse of Nicaraguan jungle and on the shores of the most idyllic beach. In this private protected reserve you can enjoy… Read More.

Best Wilderness Lodges In The World: Eagles Nest, New Zealand

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Colonial-era townships and undulating farmland meet the aquamarine Pacific in this Northland bay. Around 144 islands, which give the bay its name, are scattered around waters brimming with marlin and dolphins. Read More.

Best Wilderness Lodges In The World: El Questro Homestead, Australia

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El Questro Homestead in the Kimberley, Northwest Australia, is a frontier, a place where cattle ranches are the size of European countries. It has ochre-red expanses of desert and forested, flooded gorges that are swimming with freshwater crocodiles. Then there… Read More.

Best Wilderness Lodges In The World: Lizard Island, Great Barrier Reef

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The most northerly reef island of the Great Barrier Reef, and a national park, Lizard Island combines a reef experience with an intimate getaway and there’s only one hotel on this island. Read More.

Best Wilderness Lodges In The World: Southern Ocean Lodge

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I can’t imagine anywhere more remote than Southern Ocean Lodge, Kangaroo Island, Australia. Covered in old-growth vegetation, webbed with farmland but little else in the way of human development, and enclosed by wave-pounded limestone cliffs and headlands. At its far… Read More.

And where will this luxury traveller be choosing to go this summer? The Monte Carlo Bay resort (my son can not get enough of this pool!) and the Grand Hotel Du Cap Ferrat by Four Seasons. Living in rainy England, my banana is not isolation, it is sunshine.. which shows that not all luxury travellers are the same!

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